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Donna grew up in the Adirondacks of New York state and started drawing at three according to her mother. She attended the New England School of Art in Boston after high school and went on to freelance illustration. She has been doing her illustrations for the past 35 years and has licensed art in over 300 formats for products such as bags, tins, cards, housewares, flags, stitchery products, coasters, puzzles, afghans, tapestries and more.
She presently lives in Portland, Oregon with her four kitties.
She works mainly in gouache, due to reproduction quality, but will often add colored pencil or other media where needed. "Nature is my favorite subject, its simplicity on one side and complexity on the other. I view the world as a puzzle, each piece being necessary.�
Favorite pastimes are gardening, cooking, feeding friends, foreign travel, designing with fabrics, refinishing furniture and listening to Jazz. Keeping fit, wine tasting and reading, along with the above, keep Donna busy.

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